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Piano Lessons


We offer private piano lessons where you will gain knowledge and confidence in the instrument through playing a variety of musical genres including classical, pop and jazz!  Students also have the opportunity to follow the ABRSM exam route. 


There is a strong focus on learning to read music which provides an important base upon which to grow as an independent musician. 


Most importantly, lessons are creative, fun and adapted to suit the needs of each individual student. 


Voice Lessons


We offer private voice lessons where you will learn how to look after your voice, warm up and sing a variety of different genres including musical theatre, classical and modern. Students will also have the opportunity to take the ABRSM exam route. 


Lessons are creative, fun and adapted to suit the needs of each individual student. 

Male Singer

Composition Lessons

This is a chance to learn how to notate music and structure a song or piece of music. Compositions can take many forms, it could be a song for solo voice and accompaniment or it could be an entire orchestral composition. Compositions will be recorded using Logic Pro X and you will be able to keep your final composition as a media file playable on any smart device. 

Microphone Sound Editing

Theory Lessons


Classes will focus on preparation for ABRSM theory exams. 

Sheet Music

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre will be full of fun and energy where students will learn to sing, act and dance. 


Musical theatre club will ensure that students build on their confidence, co-ordination and creativity, as well as improve social interaction and communication skills in a relaxed, light-hearted, friendly atmosphere.  

Dramatic Actor

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is for young children to develop core musical skills, preparing them for a lifetime of musical enjoyment whilst also enhancing a variety of academic talents through singing, movement and musical games


Music Class


Come and join in this exciting opportunity to sing in a lively, dynamic choir.


Repertoire will be from a diverse range of styles including modern, old time favourites, Disney, classical and jazz! 

Choir Class
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