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English (EAL)

Younger students will learn through art, music and play, whilst older students and adults will learn through activities focusing on speaking, reading and writing. All lessons are student centred, fun and relaxed. 


This class can also be taken as a private lesson.

Drawing Time
English (native speakers)

Lessons will be based on the British National Curriculum but each course will be designed using popular themes to ensure that all lessons are fun, creative and engaging. 


Lessons will focus on phonics, reading and creative writing (this will differ slightly according to age and experience).


The class can also be taken as a private lesson.

Learn to Read
Arts & Crafts

Children pick up English surprisingly fast when they are exposed to it regularly. There is the option of attending any of the creative clubs as they will all be run in English. This is a great option for younger children who learn best through play. 

Finger Painting
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