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Recording Studio Experience

song recording

Step 1: We will record you singing a cover of your favourite song (or your own composition).

Step 2: We will mix and master it for you over the next few days.  

Step 3: You receive an electronic copy of your very own, beautifully recorded song!

Video recording

Step 1: Consultation with videographer.

Step 2: We organise the structure of the video clip for you.

Step 3: Video shooting time!

Step 4: We do all the editing work to create an amazing video for you.

Step 5: You receive an electronic copy of your video clip!

How does it work

  1. Choose a song you know well.

  2. You will record your song with a sound engineer.

  3. Your song will be mixed and mastered and sent to you within 1 week.

  4.  You can then choose to shoot a music video for your song in a beautiful location.


Song recording: CHF 250

Video recording: CHF 400

Song and video recording: CHF 600

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