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Arts and Crafts

In this very hands-on club, students will explore their creative side by making, creating, painting and sculpting! Activities include painting in the style of different artists, mosaic, jewellery making, pots, ornaments, candle holders,  paper crafts and LOADS more! 

Kids Painting
Harry Potter

This club is all things Harry Potter! If you didn't yet receive your Hogwarts letter, fear not, because you will make one in Harry Potter club, along with your wand and spell books, of course!  After being sorted into your houses, you will be creating all sorts of magical potions, screaming mandrakes, flying keys and delicious butterbeer!

Mad Science

Mad Science is a fun, messy club where students will have the opportunity to discover, explore and learn the wonders of science through a range of exciting experiments!

science club.png
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